Monday, August 11, 2008

French Butter Dish - what a neat idea!

On Saturday, me and the husb went to our favorite bike store ( for a tune up and new pair of bike shorts (talk about the least flattering article of clothing on the planet). While bike gear is very exciting for one of us, it is the housewares store across the road that makes the drive that much more exciting for the other!

Somehow I managed to spend $70 on items I didn't really need...this butter dish being one of them. Recently, we switched from using margarine (Becel) back to good 'ol butter. I don't have the standard issue glass butter dish. I don't really like the look of room temperature butter. There's something not right about it. Until Saturday, I always kept the butter in the fridge which caused major issues with morning toast.

I think I've found the solution to my troubles! A butter dish, which keeps butter fresh and cool, without having to see it or put it in the fridge. The design is quite modern and architecturally pleasing making butter-on-the-counter look so much nicer. The actual butter dish portion is shaped liked a bell. Scoop the butter into the hole, fill the bowl with cold water, and place the bell back inside. Thanks to the marvel of molecules, your butter won't get water-logged.

What a magical invention! The best $5.99 I spent this weekend.

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Joelen said...

I've been considering buying one... but I don't have butter too often in the house :(